Large Serving Spoons

Great for big family events, our large hand stamped serving spoons can be personalised with a range of sayings to suit any occasion.  

Our most popular sayings include:

Get Stuffed

A Huge Serving of Love, Laughter & Happiness

Live Laugh Love

The Best Roasties Like Ever

I Love Sprouts



Champagne Spoons

Ever wanted to be able to keep champagne fizzy for longer? Placing one of our spoons into the neck of the bottle will help keep it fresher for longer.  All our antique spoons are be hand stamped with quirky sayings to make this the perfect addition to any dinner party. 

Our most popular sayings include:

Keep It Fizzy

Lovely Bubbly

Prosecco Princess



Fork Cheese Markers

If you're looking for a unique way to label your cheeseboard, these fork head cheese markers will definitely impress. Sold as a set of three.

At the moment we like to stick to:




But we are always open to new suggestions!



Coat/Key/Tea Towel Hooks

These spoon head key/coat/tea towel hooks make a wonderful addition to the home. The can be mounted on wooden pallet painted and mounted to order.


They can be bought in sets such as:

His Majesty, Princess, Prince, Her Majesty

Mr & Mrs

Home is Where the Heart Is/Home Sweet Home


They can also be bought individually and we are happy to personalise them!

Spoon Head Wine Tags

These spoon heads have been turned into wine labels to accessorise bottles either for home use or for gifts. They come attached on a twine which make them beautifully rustic.


They can read with a variety of wine types such as: 

Merlot, Dry White

Cheers, Bottoms Up


For an even quirkier take, you can have such as:

Keep Calm Drink Wine

or even have stamped dates for Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.


Pickle/Olive Forks

We have adapted these antique silver plated forks into unique and quirky items that make unusual and useful pickle, olive or pickled onion forks.


These make for great presents as well as being a welcome addition to any dinner party, sure to catch the attention of any guests!


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Unusual Hand Crafted Antique Gifts

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